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As mentioned above, there are more factors beyond diameter that determine the rate of the sway bars and the effectiveness of the bars. This is accomplished with different wall thicknesses and different lever arm lengths.

Some companies just increase both bar diameters an equal amount assuming that the factory got the front-to-rear balance correct. GM specifically engineered understeer into this platform, a common practice for OE high performance cars because it makes them "safer" to drive for inexperienced drivers. Everyone has their opinion about this but we prefer to neutralize the understeer and start with a balanced car. To neutralize the understeer it takes a rear bar rate almost twice as stiff as the OE rate. This can be accomplished with the softest hole on our rear bar.

This has already been pointed out above but I just wanted to remind everyone why we use hollow bars. Arguments can be made in each direction but consider that Detroit, Europe and Japan all run hollow swaybars on every performance car they manufacture. It's not cheaper or easier to build them with tubing (in fact it's more expensive and complicated) so why do they do it? They do it for multiple reasons, the same reasons we do.

The Camaro gets better with each generation making our job more difficult (we make suspension for all 5 generations of the Camaro). We could have easily made our swaybars solid but we specifically chose to make them hollow, a much more difficult process. We could have also chose to make them non-adjustable to keep costs down but we didn't. Multiple tests and hours of research went into our swaybars to make a product worthy of this platform. In the end you get a completely adjustable bar that can adapt to your level of driving expertise, a bar manufactured with the most current technology, AND one that does both of these things while remaining competitively priced in the market.
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