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My thoughts on this...

In all but extreme cases, it is to early to tell what affects will be seen related to factory or aftermarket parts.

We have seen evidence of problems with the LCA's with aftermarket end links, but it is still undetermined if this was due to installation or design of the end links or the LCA's.

As with so many products, time is the only true judge.

There will be those that say I told you so, and others that will say I should have listened. And none of us know yet.. Testing is a good thing, but it can't possibly take in all variables...

We've had guys run 600 HP on their factory diffs with no problem, and other that have broken stuff stock. Some 6060's shift great regardless of what's been thrown at them, and others fail on stock power as mine was doing before we started building my car...

What we have here and we all need to remember, is that it is very early in the development stages for this car. I realize they have been out for three years, but in cars driven almost exclusively on the street, that's relatively infantile.

Race cars that are driven 98 percent of the time at WOT are a different animal...

I've not had any problems with my end link tabs, yet a bolt that holds the rear sway bushing mount (aftermarket sways) shot out of my car like a rocket on a 5 mph turn out of my neighborhood.

Where am I going with this... It's always a crap shoot with anything mechanical. The best designed systems can fail, and the worst designed can go forever. No one knows...Granted the averages show that well designed tested items are typically going to hold up and perform as intended, but there are no guarantees.

We all as owner/operators, need to have information available and we need to do our own research.

Granted, manufacturers are the primary source of a lot of information, but they are by no means the only source....

Like finding a builder, or a tuner, or a widget for our cars... we ask around, talk to those that have said part, talk to those in the industry that are not personally involved, talk to other racers etc...

There are two high level schools of thought here, and only time will determine which school is better, or even if one is better than the other...

Chevy vs ford vs Dodge... It's never ending... and we as consumers have to make a choice based on our own personal experiences, knowledge and research.

A member on this forum that is very highly respected by most all other members, recommended a manufacturer for a system on my car, I considered it, and went with a different vendor, why, because my experience had it that the second vendor used a process that in my line of work had proven to be successful... I hope all can see where my ramblings have gone here...
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