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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
New tech always is a PITA. In all honesty both of my cars are far out of warranty, so when I went to the dealer doing recon to try and figure what my line of attack is going to be with the 1LE I'm about to order I was very surprised to see how far along they've come with the "Big Brother Techniques".

I mean they scan your car and it goes via satalite to GM? One check and you can be in a voided warranty situation all the way up to GM?!?!?!?!? Holy sheot! When I was a Tech back it the day it was like the wild west by comparison...
Yep any dealer can scan your vin number and know anything done to it by any other dealer, including any scans of your computer. Oh yeah OnStar already scans your car once a month if you have a subscription and have signed up for monthly reports.
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