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hah yea, newb...always something. on the bright side, i'm hoping my little blunder has caused me to find a way to disable HSA. gmpartsdirect has two yaw sensors, one with a longitudinal accelerometer, and one without. after speaking with my dad (a ~30 year GM tech), he's going to look into it for me. if i'm right, i might be able to just get the one without the accelerometer, reflash the computer at the dealer, and be done with HSA

hey tram, how's things? i've been in relatively consistent contact with Rachael at AAC about this. She says the particular halo i sent in has been backordered, something she told me from the start. but apparently they're *still* waiting on them. might need ya to kick some doors down there for me, lol.
she did offer to send me a similar replacement that they have, but i told her no, since i wanted a match, and the ones i have fit perfectly onto my TRS shrouds. not counting on lightning striking twice for that.
Build thread linked in the pic...

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