Thread: K&N vs Roto-Fab
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K&N vs Roto-Fab

Only reason Im doing this thread is because I received poor customer service and they didn't want to work with me on getting a replacement or my money back. I have 2011 camaro SS L99 cammed, full exhaust, and intake. At the time I was running with K&N and dynoed at 442. So I decided one day that maybe I should get better product. Dress up the engine bay a lil bit. So I bought a Roto-Fab. Installed it and went right back to the tuner. Believe or not Roto-Fab dynoed at 410. Trust me I swapped off both intakes and K&N was always on top. On my last run I asked the tuner to do one last run with the Roto-Fab. Dynoed at 407 smh. I immediately called back to the company and all they told me is how great of a product it is and something is wrong with your car. I can't believe they said that. I run 12'1 at the track. My car runs great. They didn't want to give me my money back nor switch intakes. So now I have 400 dollar intake sitting in the garage with no purpose. People keep knocking on K&N but in my experience I believe it is right up there with CAI. Just keeping it real.
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