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Originally Posted by pete-1le View Post

Thatís great news, sorry I havenít seen this message sooner!

Was it the same noise for sure?

I ordered the wrong axle nuts so Iím still waiting for parts to arrive in England. Iíve read loads about the thrust washer so that was going to be my first attempt at fixing it. But Iím not sure that the thrust washer fits any other year apart from the 2010 SS. Iíll find out when I take the hub off I guess.

Was the part number 22806795 the drivers side axle specifically for the 1LE?



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Hey Pete

Yes, mine sounded just like how yours does. Could replicate it driving back and forth just like in your video.

Unfortunately, the passenger side wheel started making the same noise as well and I just had that axle replaced too.. No more clicking after.

Yes, the 1LE's axle part numbers are:

1LE Left Axle - 22806795
1LE Right Axle - 22806796

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