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See now its people that put american made cars down that really get me mad...I understand that there was a point where you bought a chevy which looked like a cadillac which looked like a oldsmobile which looked like a pontiac, but that was a loooooonnnngggg time ago and this is no longer an issue. My family has always bought domestics, and the day I buy an imported car is the day I die (I guess my father taught me well), and there has never been any issues other than self inflicted problems (blew a tranny because we left the tranny cooler lines disconnected when we changed a radiator (at 130,000 miles) oops)...but I will end this rant with one point, GM is able to produce vehicles for lower MSRP's than the competition, with greater performance (show me a car that can take on the new ZR1 for a fraction of the price), and with the advances they have made (magnetic ride suspension, standard tremec MT6, the chevy volt, cts-v the list is endless) and all I'm trying to say is GM has gotten a bad name and it is complete bull...give me a GM over ANY car ANYDAY...

sorry rant over
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