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From honda website ( re: 2009 S200: "The S2000 sports a powerful, 2.2-liter" and "Are you ready for 237 hp at 7800 rpm and 162 lb-ft of torque at 6800 rpm?"

No wonder it gets not so great gas mileage. You have to have that thing howling to get and power out of it. What do you drop the clutch at to launch this thing? 6000 RPM?
It doesn't sound like they are "10 years ahead of GM in the 4 cylinder category", It sounds like they took one of their motorbike engines and put it in a car.

Cobalt SS is 260hp@5300 and 260lb/ft @ 2000. Which is at least in the practically useable range.

And on the topic of reliability, I can't see something that has to be revved to almost 8000 RPM lasting terribly long. But maybe they do. I stopped being interested in the S2000 when I found out about it's piddly torque.
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