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Originally Posted by jdpickering View Post
It is said that the SS Camaro with the Manual Transmission will have Launch Control. How will this work? Everything I've seen on launch control is targeted toward Automatics wth pattle Shifters. You put the car in launch mode rev the motor and let off the break. It turns town Traction Control put the computer to allow the car to max out RPM's before shifting and just optimizes the shift points. Well it can't do all this on a Manual because you control the shift points and you control the clutch so what do they mean the SS Manual will have launch control?
You are badly misinformed. Launch control works in manual transmissions only. You simply select it (in the Cobolt SS and HHR SS) by hitting the traction control button twice, once to turn off the tracton control and the second time to turn on launch control. When you put it in 1st gear while holding the clutch in, you floor it and the RPM will stay right at the redline. When u release the clutch you take off perfectly. It takes all the guess work out of getting a perfect launch hence launch control and im almost positive no automatic cars have it but i could be wrong.
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