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I commend you on your patience. I am sure you will live a long life with out letting stress like this get to you. We could all learn a lot from you. Please don't judge the other vendors here(on the forum) from what that rip-off artist did to you and many others I am sure. If you want to purchase a mod just ask around on the forum and people will tell you their experiences. I have had nothing but good experiences with the vendors. In the end you will have a kick ass BEAST of a car and that is what matters. I feel your pain but I know from your personality from your writing you will forgive and forget which is a very honorable thing to do and it would take up to much energy and your time to dwell on this idiot. Let us know how the mod's end up and if you are happy with the mod's beside the bad experience with DREV LSX vendor. Rest assured that anyone who reads this will not buy from this company and it will be passed on through out the forum and our friends. Subscribed to this thread.
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