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Originally Posted by Doc View Post
When you gassed up how many gallons did it take? Since the car holds 19 gallons, 208 / 19 = 10.9 mpg but that's assuming you run the tank dry which you didn't do. So even if you still had 1 gallon in the tank 208 / 18 is 11.5 mpg which still seems rather low. Is this normal for ZL1 owners? I've never looked at that.

With all the stuff I've done to my car, and including that I don't granny drive it I still average about 14.9 mpg around town. On the freeway in 6th I get about 24-25 mpg.

Not to rain on your parade or anything but when you said 208 I was thinking that seemed awfully low. Is this average for a ZL1 during it's break-in period?
When I took delivery the avg. MPG's said 22 - if I remember right from this morning it said something like 15.4. So it isn't awful. But you can't properly seal your piston rings without using a couple gallons of fuel (still staying within GM's break-in procedure of course).

Though I did learn that the break-in period for the suspension components is only 200 miles (can pull the page number from the owner's manual if anyone is curious). Needless to say my all time high so far is 0.80 G's - really wanting to max out the display but that might have to wait until I'm past 1,500.
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