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This has earned a RANT, Sorry but you do not have to read it...

Originally Posted by 2ndgenz28 View Post
All the major game changes to me, happend when Favre threw to the wrong team.

And if it was favre making the play calls he should get shiet canned, or who ever was.

only needed 1 field goal to win but hey lets let the old man throw it one more time......... [he threw the game on purpose, weather he mentally knew it or not. Unconscious self-sabotage is a problem for many professionals.]

Is this your expert medical opinion derived from years of study... I, unfortunately, wasn't able to watch the game, and this reply doesn't address this game in particular, but professional athletes... and
"unconscious self-whatever the hell you said" Self refers to an individual, yet, he in your opinion, obviously caused the whole team to lose, and Minnesota residents... and the League, and .....

I don't know or profess to know what ticks in their minds, but I can say this beyond a shadow of a doubt... as I am the father of a professional athlete talented enough to have been drafted, signed, and has played two years already...

There are those in professional sports that lose sight of why they are there.. money, fame, glory, whatever. There is not one athlete there that isn't deserving to be there... and none of them got there inspite of their "Unconscious self-sabotage" BS. If you think there are athletes in the pro's that shouldn't be there, then you need to pay more attention. At the very minimum, the pro athletes we watch on TV throughout the year, almost certainly make at least 350,000 to 400,000 a year, roughly league minimum for a first year player... The business people that own these teams, regardless of your personal thoughts, are very astute, clean or dirty matters not, honest or dishonest, whatever... they got lots of damn money, and they did not get it by signing players that haven't done something to earn that recognition. Do some of them fail, sure, team dynamics, personality conflicts, coaching styles, or game management... The incredible detail that goes into every moment of preparation for a game, much less a season is beyond your comprehension...obviously... or you're "unconsciously self sabotaging" your ability to see it... Thats a problem for many armchair QB's, pitchers, point guards etc... I guess...

The game is over, look forward to the superbowl and watch it or don't, I don't care, but leave the medical mumbo jumbo psychiatric armchair nonsense out of it... Get over it....

Brett Favre, win or lose is the comsumate athlete and competitor... He tries to win with every fiber of his being, and whether you like it or not, given the same situation, I would hope they do the same thing...

GIVE... FARVE, MANNING, BREES, Kelly, Sanders, Smith, Aikman, Elway, Bush, Jordan, Robinson, Majic, Rose, Ryan, The Big Unit, and a thousand other SUPERSTARS etc....THE BALL...You put it in the hands of the guy most likely to make the play...

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