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Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Mostly looking for major pickup at speed from a roll so I can leave my stepfather's porsche on the freeway
Where do you live? Because that can get your car crushed in some states, and it's not cool to put peoples life in danger...

Your best option is to call a company and tell them what you want. Also, who's installing this? If you've never done it before, and you're wanting to do it, you're in too deep already. I've installed a S/c on a few vehicles that had Carburetor's on them and that wasn't the easiest thing in the world either.

Do you have any idea what 12psi is going to do to this motor? I'm not saying it's going to blow, but let me know how many miles you get on your car when it happens.

What about driving 400+hp to the wheels? Ever done that?

Let some company's post their setups on here first and see what they're running...
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