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Originally Posted by HeatherR View Post
Well said! I hope everyone who was lucky enough to be assigned one has enjoyed it as much as we have

They sure were fun for roadtrips!!!

We are in the process of being transferred and will be turning our last Camaro in I know how you feel :( Leaving the Camaro plant and the Camaro behind :(

Hope you score a great next car to dull the pain a bit!
Thanks Heather, I hope the move goes well. It was actually your post from your Florida trip that got me started here. So my addiction to this site is basically ALL YOUR FAULT. LOL

Originally Posted by ncstatered21 View Post
What happens to it when you give it back? Will it be sold to someone?
That depends. The new program GM just implemented rotates the assigned cars to even more drivers to get more miles for the quality evaluation. It could be back in service for up to another 4 months with another assigned driver. But under the old plan, the car would be cleaned up and sent to auction. In some cases, employees could be given the opportunity to purchase the car. We'll have to see what happens.

Originally Posted by MikesZ View Post
Hope you get a CTS-V Coupe for your next car.
I like how you think. From you lips to the CTS Chief Engineers ear.
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