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My first Hot Rod and the steps to increasing power!

My brother (Brad Morgan) and I have developed, built and tuned some of the fastest racing engines in the world. IHRA and NHRA Pro Stock, Alanabi Racing Pro Mods, Comp cars, the list goes on forever! We have given our entire lives to the sport of racing and engine development and are loving every single minute of it but neither one of us have ever had a street rod or hot rod of any kind. We have always been to busy working on everyone else's hot rods to have done one for ourselves. Actually, after working on race engines all day, the last thing I wanted to do was having to work on one at home. I design, fabricate and/or manufacture after-market intake manifolds and cylinder heads, as well as work for professional race teams' engine development programs. The funny thing about this is, I have never had a nice street car in the 25 years I have been working for race teams. Well, at the age of 45 I decided that enough was enough. I decided to get a nice muscle car. I couldn’t decide what I wanted. Maybe a Z06 or supercharged Mustang. Maybe a Challenger SRT8 perhaps? I just could not decide. The Camaro decided for me. I have always wanted a 68 Camaro and looked for many years to find one that was just right. I never found what I was looking for. I went to an auto show and saw the Camaro Concept car in 2006 at the Texas State Fair and from that moment on all I wanted was a 2010 Camaro. I have seen, worked on, and driven some bad ass street cars. But in my my time and in my opinion, 2010 Camaro beats them all! This car is the most beautiful piece of metal to ever roll off a GM assembly line. My wife told me that we had to get one and we had to get one NOW. I wanted to wait until Spring of '10. She was the one who poked and prodded me to just go out and spend the money! What a woman! She wanted it just as bad as I did though. LOL. When it came time to order one, we ordered it sight unseen without even a test drive. After debating back and forth on colors, my wife convinced me to get the Inferno Orange Metalic 2SS/RS with sun roof, IO interior, polished aluminum wheels and black stripes. When we first pulled up to the dealership and saw our car, we instantly fell in love. So much so that we are talking about getting another IOM Camaro next year (we'll leave the motor on this one stock so wife won't be afraid to drive it).

Now that I have our new Camaro I need to achieve a power level that I will feel comfortable with. Around 500hp on the street is comfortable to me. I have driven some twin turbo 1000-1200hp Corvettes but they where about worthless. I am not a fan of smoking the tires at 80-90mph and going sideways. I don’t find that the least bit fun although some people love it. On top of having way to much power to be a lot of fun, they cost a bundle. 500-600hp is more than affordable and engine longevity is not reduced. So here is my plan:

Phase 1 465-485hp engine HP
(1)Order HP Tuners software and a nice wide band O2 (waiting on arrival);
(2)Port Throttle body (done);
(3)Install New Era cold air intake (done);
(4)Install American Racing stainless long tube headers with high flow cats (next week);
(5)Install SLP Loud Mouth II exhaust; (next week);
(6)Order and port stock manifold and install (ordered); and
(7)Dyno tune engine.

Phase2—A little more than one year later-- 500hp
(1)Order a set of LS3 heads (done).
(2)Port cylinder heads.
a. Increase exhaust valve size to 1.600 and keep 2.165 intake. These heads do not need a lot of work. The throat size is too small at
86% and the exhaust throat size can be enlarged as well. Both need to be right at 90%;
b. Weld and contour combustion chamber;
c. Mill head about .020 for increased compression; and
d. Contour short side and increase flow about 10-15%. Should be worth about 20hp.

(3)Install titanium valves to reduce valve train mass and increase rpm range with stock AFM lifters. Heads have very little spring pressure These stock lifters are very tall and there ability to handle increase loads at engine speeds over 6300rpm is pushing it. The titanium valves will allow me to increase rocker ratio from 1.7 to 1.8, pick up lift and valve speed while maintaining the same duration. That should allow me to twist 6600-6700 without hurting the stock lifters. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: why not just install a good camshaft and lifters? I will do that but I want to see how much I can get out of the stock cam and lifters first. Just for my own shits and grins. I will put a bigger bump stick in it later.

(4)Dyno tune new combination.

(5)Then take it to the track and see what she runs.
2010 Camaro SS/RS IOM, 475rwhp 415ft/lbs Cam-232°/245° .612 .612 113LSA. Precision 3500 stall, New Era CAI. Reher Morrison Heads, Manifold and TB. Ferrea H-stems, dual springs, Ti-retainers. American Racing long tubes-Xpipe, High flow CATs, "S"type Borla's. 160F Thermo.
VVT ACTIVE! Thanks to New Era Performance!

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