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I had to fabricate a sturdy plate with ribs to seal the manifold back up. Since I took out the vertical support posts I now must fabricate a plate with the support in a different location. The reason the supports are there is due to instantaneous manifold pressure changes. Let's say you're at 6000 rpm and you slam the throttle shut. The manifold pressure drops and all that flat area on the bottom of the manifold is being pulled in. Let's say you have .75 square feel of area. That's 108 square inches. If you have a pressure change of only .5psi that like a 54 lbs weight being slammed on the bottom of the manifold. This of course will not break it right away but it will fatigue it and eventually break it over time. Been there, done that.

You can see I put the supports horizontally across the plate to brace it from the pressure changes. I also have vertical lips that will be secured via 1/420 bolts for further support.

Yea, I know the welds look like shit but I was in a hurry plus its the bottom the manifold and no one will give a rats A$$. LOL
If it was for a customer I would of course make it pretty.


You can now see that the restrictions and shears are all gone.


I drilled and tapped for 1/4 20 hex head bolts. I was amazed at how well this nylon holds a thread. I can actually torque on them a bit. This is the plate secured in place but not final epoxy sealed yet.

There you go. Now I just have to quantify the power increase and changes to the tune. I would expect it to be at least 12hp and more like 15hp especially in the upper rpm ranges.

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