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Where are the Camaros?

I'm just wondering. When production first started it was stated that it would take 7 to 10 days for the cars to ship, which didn't happen. A couple of weeks ago we heard the Camaros have been released for shipment and still no one has one except for Hendricks. What is going on here? Do the Camaros have problems that need to be worked out or is GM holding them until the May reveal. If either of these are the case, please just let us know.

This lack of communication on the shipment of the Camaros is only causing frustration and speculation. If the cars need extra inspection, let the dealers know so they can let us know. If the cars are to be held until May, again, let the dealers know so we can know. Anyone who has ordered a car needs to know when to expect the car so they can set up financing, sell their other car, return their leased car or a variety of other reasons. GM really needs to communicate on what is going on with the shipment of cars so those ordering the car can plan accordingly.
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