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More Aggressive Look???

I don't think it is more aggressive. Don't get me wrong. It's way more aggressive then any Mustang.

As I was looking a the 2014 ZL1 first the front picture... good nothing changed... keep panning around with the pictures... the side looks good... and then I saw the back and was like... something is not right here...??? it just looks off.

People like chrome... I don't. I didn't even like it on the rear lights like in the 2009-2013 models. That just me. Everyone has there preference.

Will see how many 2014 models they will sell. That will say a lot about what people think. I believe they will sell a lot Z/28 because it's a Z/28. I believe they would of sold more if they came out with it sooner though.

I also think the value of all you current 2009-2013 Camaro owners out there has gone up. History has a way of repeating itself.
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