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Oh yes, that's music to my ears!!!!!

It's probably true that the market for US muscle cars is very small over here (petrol is currently about 5/ that's about $9.....yep NINE dollars a gallon).

BUT, GM do sell the Corvette here officially and Chrysler sell the 300c (we even get a 300c touring - you get the Dodge Magnum tourer). The SRT/8s are also just getting here.

Ford do not officially sell the Mustang here, but there are several companies that will import them for us.....and many people import their own.

Vauxhall (Britains GM arm) sell the Monaro (Pontiac GTO to you) here, and that's been a great success too. So I'm sure the Camaro will sell too.

So, bring it on GM. If you've got any sense you'll sell it in RHD too.

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