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GFX falls off

Your pictures do not look right. My front GFX came loose on the Turnpike doing 80 mph and draged for miles before someone went buy me and slowed down to tell me that I had a problem up front. All the rivets and metal pins were torn out from the wind resistance. I also noticed some small air gaps between the bumper and the GFX. When all was said and done, the dealer had put the GFX on wrong and did not follow the 6 page directions properly. Thats right 6 papes just for the front GFX. They apparently tried some short cuts and the car has only 1500 miles on it. So after the dealer reserched where the problem came from they replaced it under warranty. It looks much better and tighter fit this time. I think that you should take it to the dealer and have them replace it. There is no fixing the problem once installed, it has to be replaced due to the way the GFX has to installed to the front end. Good Luck
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