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Overhere in Belgium we do have several older model Camaro's driving around. A friend of mine even owned a '69 SS.

Myself; I currenlty own a 2004 Silverado SS, and my girlfriend and I also WILL buy the new Camaro, when it will be available.

We will import the car ourselves; as we don't care about official GM matters at all. That the same way we handled with the SSS.

Chevrolet Belgium knows about our SSS, and isn't even interested.

We do have several cars with a bigger amount of power driving around here, but I do prefer the US V8 engines, although BMW also has some interesting cars available (M3 - M5).

Personaly I'm interested in the SS with 500 Hp version. Ok, nobody knows wheather they'll even make the car; but I'm hoping for that one, including that magnificent Race Thing Look. I do like the hidden front lights.

Just my 2 C.

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