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Hi Scites,

The Camaro5 is obviously larger than the average British car, but it will still fit in most spaces and once you get your placement on the road sorted you can go down the smallest and twistiest B-roads with a decent amount of confidence. Some city centre multi-story car parks are too tight to get into and some width restrictors in London (in particular) are too small, but it very rarely causes much hassle.

Regarding the rear indicators, I've seen some people with clear or orange lights on the back (which I'm not too keen on, sorry guys) but mine are just the standard red lenses. The inner two lights are indicators only and the outer two lights are for brakes and... lights.

Some SVA centres might make you disconnect the front daytime driving lights (as mine were) but I've seen some new Mitsubishi's with the front fogs used for daytime driving lights so you could argue the point.

Further more, bringing a Camaro into the UK is an awesome idea, you'll end up with a car that's rarer than a Ferrari 458 or Lamborghini Gallardo - I had mine parked in Mayfair recently and people we're taking pics of the Camaro rather than the 200,000 supercars parked next to it :-)

You can see the lights look standard on the back of my car apart from the rear fog in place of a reversing light - I have a switch in a discrete position on the dashboard to operate it.
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