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Originally Posted by IDEALG View Post
I tested the clutch master cylinder today and it feels really good doesnt grab as close to the floor like the stock master. Shifts smooth just stepping on the clutch easy. I dont have to step all the way to the floor when shifting.

now I did 8 high rpm pulls from first to second ranging from 5800 rpm to redline stepping on clutch to the floor but not slamming it to the floor like previously posted in other threads. I had no grind issue!

This master cylinder flows more fluid and feels better then stock.

What i'm looking for is a volunteer. I want to install one of my master cylinders in someone elses car and see if it works for them.

So heres the deal:

I need one volunteer
you car must have a stock trans and i would like a stock clutch but i will accept an aftermarket clutch
and your car must only grind second gear at high rpm shifting only. If it grinds during regular driving or low rpm shifting i wont test it on your car.
you get to keep the master cylinder for free for being a test sample.

who would like to volunteer?
it will take me a few days to get another master cylinder built.
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