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Cool DIY Pinstripe the outer edge of your Wheels

Theres not much to this DIY, but I didnt even know it could be done with vinyl till I looked it up.

- The pinstriping comes in pre-curved vinyl strips, and it takes 4-5 strips per wheel (depending on who you buy from).

- As with applying vinyl to anything, clean first with soap and water, then clean with alcohol. Be sure that its clean! Wheels are very dirty, and vinyl will not to stick to a surface with tire shine left on it.

- When applying the vinyl you can put each piece edge to edge, or overlap them.

- Be sure to let a little of the strip go over the outer edge, so you can fold it over and make sure none of silver shows thru on the outer edge.

- The strips are curved, but you still have to guide it on there using one hand to guide it and the other hand to lay it down.

- I also did all four top halves of my rims at once, then rolled the car forward and did the other halves. You dont want to have the vinyl hitting the ground when you are doing the bottom, you want a clear view, so roll the wheel so what you're doing is always on top!

- They come in multiple sizes, but the common thickness for our rims seems to be 5mm-7mm. Mine are 6.5mm I think.

Bought my stripes from here: , just select 20in rims and pick your color and size (6.5mm is perfect IMO). The set comes with a few extra strips in case you mess up.
--They are shipped in a tube, so its best to lay them flat with a book on them or something to get them flat again so they are easy to work with.

But you can also purchase from this ebay seller, others have used him and seems to have some different options: . I did not use him because I wanted a dark red, and he doesnt offer it.

Good luck
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