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Originally Posted by austinjames View Post
Ya man your car is going to be killer with that supercharger. I cant wait to see that and hear it.

And, yes im going to do a lot more performance mods once my warranty is up. I have a injen longtube CAI right now and with the t2 ports I can feel quite a difference but thats still pretty small of a HP increase., but I eventually want to get twin turbos. Just need that warranty to run its course. Thats why ive been so focused on cosmetic mods.
Gotcha. Mines already at 70,000 and I got a deal I couldn't pass up so I went for it. Can't wait to see that with twins though! Tracy at Rx Performance does one hell of a job boosting these things if you aren't decided on where you eventually wanna go. Also how do you like those straight pipes?
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