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For me this tool was completely useless. I did track my 14 ZL1 to the "shipped" indicator
and then anxiously waited for the "delivered" status. It did appear on my screen but was totally erroneous. I called my dealer to tell them my car was there and they informed me, after several days, it had not even left the factory.

Trying to get a hold of a GM customer service rep is an act of futility. I called the number on the web site and was connected with a GM represenitive in the Philippines (can't understand the thick accent, and are you ****ing kidding me). I politely asked to speak to someone in the USA and was put on eternal hold.

I then tried Walter, a GM Customer Service rep that I had talked to when I tried to get an OLC for the Camaro. I figured since I had bought 6 new GMs over a 10 year period they could send a little love my way--no dice. Walter (866-790-5600) would not even return my call after I left several messages.

I'm so ****ing fed up with GM and their business practices. How do they expect to continue this way. This will likely be my LAST GM product.

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