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Originally Posted by winterboy8 View Post
So, the first "ordertracking" site is not even working. The "gmconnects" website is up and appears to be working even today. I just don't know why it won't let you get status. GM really needs to take the site down if it doesn't work.

And Becky D is the best, she is so helpful and responds quickly, even when I feel like I'm bugging her.
The site is not owned by GM.

As far as the "ordertracking" site, that has been unavailable for a couple of years if I'm not mistaken.

Yeah. Becky is awesome! As far as I know, the only way to track your order is through Becky, your Dealer(salesman), or and go to Online Chat and have them track your order.

From my personal experience, Becky is a lot more accurate than the Online Chat on

I'm glad you found the other thread. And yeah, I feel like I bug her a lot too .


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