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so, today i finally finished...well, about 80% lighting project for the week. i say 80% because i haven't permanently installed the halo control box in the cabin anywhere yet, because i just ordered a switchplate from emblempros and i want to connect the halos to it. so, for now, the cabin wiring is ziptied together and running to behind the driver's seat, where the control box is sitting on the floor.
anyway, today i focused on the engine bay...i wanted to make my wiring as clean as possible, given that i had 8 wires for the halos on each side. so, the first step was to splice the 8 pairs down to 4 pairs for each side...then i took the 4 passenger side pairs and t-tapped them into one set of halo wiring on the driver side.
the 4 driver's side pairs, i butt spliced to my 14g solid copper wiring. that was kind of difficult considering where i made the crimp (just behind the bottom corner of the cai). i also wrapped my splices in electrical tape to ensure they don't fall out since the halo wiring is about 18g and maybe only about 16g with the splice-work i did to make the pairs.
the 14g wiring i ran along the ac line, up behind the remote + terminal and around the strut tower back to the firewall.
i should also mention that i ran grounding wire along the edges of the bay. one wire for the hids, and one back through the firewall. i loosened the grounding bolt and did a simple U at the end of both wires to loop them under. for the hid wires i stripped a little section and bent the tips of the spade on the driver's side ballast around it, then wrapped in tape...the passenger ballast i cut the spade off and did a butt splice...
now, the photos
this can still be a little cleaner, but since the passenger side center halo should be replaced soon, i'm not worrying about it yet.

the hole in the firewall was a 3/8", and could just barely fit six 14g wires through it. i spray-painted it, and decided there was no way i'm getting a grommet in there, so i caulked it as best i could with what i had leftover from headlight reassembly.
Build thread linked in the pic...

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