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Originally Posted by blazzin1 View Post
I haven't heard of anyone from Camaro5 having these or installing these yet, but according to QA1, they have only been available for the last month or so, and they have been selling pretty good already. And yes, I remember you were looking at these, but the Pfadt units you ended up with are probably better anyway!!! These are double-adjustable, but I would think the Pfadt's are a higher quality coilover.....especially considering the cost. I just needed this was really my only option for an adjustable coilover, unless I wanted to delete my front sway bar and get the Strange coilovers.
I'm really curious about the fitment and install. The techs at JRE told me horror stories about getting brand new QA1 products and having to really modify things just to get them to fit. I didn't want similar problems.

Available for a month.... A little past the beginning of Feb which is what I was told I could have them.
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