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Pedders Suspension Benchmark Track Testing and New Jersey Track Day

Pedders Suspension Benchmark Track Testing and New Jersey Track Day

Dan VanHorn, FlyByU has done a terrific job of putting this event together. Eric Hruza from Arrington has as worked very on on this as well. The end result is an outstanding Event. This is not an ordinary track day. This is an EVENT. Pedders and Arrington are proud to support Dan as sponsors for this event. We are so excited about this event that we are bringing a couple of guests stars and cars.

Eric Hurza of Arrington will have his Arrington Powered 440 c.i. HEMI Pedderised 300C at the track.

I will be there with my Pedderised, ProCharged G8.

We are looking for a box stock 5.7L LX and / or box stock SRT8 as well as a box stock G8 GT and / or box stock G8 GXP. We want to do baseline skid pad tests on these vehicles as well as benchmark them on the track with 1 warm-up lap and 2 hot laps per vehicle. While Eric and I both consider ourselves to be hot-shoe drivers (NOT!) we have recruited a couple of professionals for this testing. You may already know that Buddy and Joey Arrington have a four decade long relationship with NASCAR. I cannot name the drivers names at this time, but you can safely conclude Dan's track day will have a couple of NASCAR drivers on hand.

If you can provide one of the stock vehicles I'll bet there is a photo opportunity at hand and maybe even a lap or two with a NASCAR Driver in the left seat and you in the passenger seat.

Rick Bottom, a custom builder that has been doing SEMA vehicles for many years will is planning to bring his Pedderised GSR equipped ProChaarged

for benchmarking too. Using professional drivers on the same skidpad and track surface will provide quality comparative numbers. We have some logistical challenges to address along with details regarding the drivers, NASCAR, team sponsors and driver sponsors. At this point I would say we are 80% there. We'll post final details as soon as we can.

Rick and I are just hoping not to be embarrassed by Arrington and their Good'ol Boys Gang from NASCAR. I wonder if they have a fix in for the results? We'll know if they run better times, because if they win it must be fixed. After All, they are all Good'Ol Boys and we are strangers with a car built in the land of OZ. Excuse me, for a moment I forgot it is bench marking and not racing!

Arrington and Pedders are really looking forward to this event with the LX community and a few Interlopers from brand X. Well Done Dan!

This event is open to all our Pedderised GTO and G8 owners. I am sure some of our other Dealers will attend as well. Dan for the LX community. Dan approached Eric and Eric approached me. They are doing all the heavy lifting. All I have to do is show up and not be embarrassed by the hot cars with good drivers.

To register for this event contact Dan via this email

Once again, we want to extend our thanks to Dan for doing an eXtremely professional job. Eric, What can I say -- Awesome Job! is offline   Reply With Quote