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I did contact one of the buyers via E-bay. I don't recall any longer if it was for Hertz or Focal speakers, but in either case, these were speakers from Malaysia bought by someone in the US. He said it took quite some time, and there, "were problems with the speakers which they're working out." He summarized it by saying, "I wouldn't buy speakers from Malaysia again."

So, you might get some blemished speakers, or something suitable to your needs, but you'll be at risk of also not getting what you want/expect, and/or issues.

Finding a good, highend stereo shop is incredibly harder than it was just 10-15 years ago. Honestly, without them, you won't know what you don't know, because you have to hear speakers to judge them. Reading reviews is a roll of the dice because you don't know the reviewers tastes relative to yours. It'd be like marrying a chick you never met because some guy in a magazine said, "She's a real nice lady." She might be super annoying to you and destroy your will to live. OK, I'm stretching on that one, but you get the idea.

I'm one of the first to buy stuff online (just bought an iPad2 via military exchange for example), but in this case, I'd say buy local. Also, shop around. Some shops will give great service (like the one who let me sit in their store for hours), and some...not so great. Then, buy from the great one(s).
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