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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
So let me put up a mod list...

1) Tinted ALL the windows... very much needed
2) Added some pedal covers...
3) Added a new frame brace (had Jason make me one with no logo)...
4) Put on a screen protector for the My Link... I just took a Zagg Invisishield for a lap top and cut it down to size. I should be able to get two more out of the one sheet.
5) Added an Elite catch can from JDP.
6) Did a Stage 1 clutch resevoir from JDP. I should have done a Stage 2. I'll remedy that soon enough.
7) Swapped out a Convertable rear spoiler. Found a black one on Ebay for $190. I might paint it the same color as the factory 1LE spoiler.
8) Added the ZL1 rockers. Might do the ZL1 rear diffuser.
9) Had the wheels Powder Coated under warranty. They look right, now.
10) Added the Heritage Grille.

I'm right at 1200 miles I will get a base line Dyno after I hit 1500 miles and then I will look into some power mods.

I plan to start with an intake (I'm torn between a CAI, ADM and JacFab if it gets done in time) and a V-Max ported TB. Possible a Vararam wedge. Headers will be not too far behind and soon there after a cam and ported heads. Obviously it will be tuned along the way.

I also plan to Pedderize the suspension very soon. See this thread for the route I plan to take...

I'm also kicking around the idea of doing some ACS stuff. The T3 Ports the functional mailslot conversion and possibly a GTZ hood. If I go that route I will add a belly pan of some sort.
You're not wasting ANY time!! These cars respond to mods well. Lookin good!

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