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Originally Posted by KTWillys View Post
Nice tune...

question for the pro's...

Given a choice which super charger would you go with for the Camaro V8..

also given smog laws it would need to still pass..



looking at the SLP but its stage one only supplies 6 pounds of boost..
would like to see more along the lines of 8 to 9 pounds of boost.
Dont really want to get to the point of changing the injectors and cam..
want to keep this somewhat reasonable for the street..

then there is the second camaro that I am gong to build for racing..
what supercharger would you use there as well..

thanks guys..

New to this forum,, but an old guy, so if I am asking questions that seem stupid bare with me.. as I have had a lot of fumes from my nitro funny car days...
Of course this is a loaded topic and everyone has an opinion so my answer is solely based on; experience in working with all the supercharger manufactures, owning a performance facility and knowing the GEN5 car. That said and using the conditions you noted above, the E Force is a great option.

A roots blower on a 4000 lb car is a good choice. Rear wheel torque rules the street and a roots will get the job done over a centrifugal. It's a big enough blower to make 525 plus rear wheel. It also utilizes the Eaton 2300 TVS rotors which surely have been proven to be long lasting.

I also feel there brackets and hose connections are far superior.

Now if you wanted to make upwards of 800 HP there are better options.

It's also built in the USA and is 50 state emissions legal.

Just my .02...

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