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This will be an interesting thread to watch. About 3 weeks ago I was trying to make this same decision. But I ended up deciding to wait and do a cam at a later date.

At first I was leaning towads a VVT cam setup (Mast Motorsports) or comparable setup.
But then I thought I had a lifter issue and the heads were going to have to come off and the lifters replaced. So at that point I figured I might as well do the LS3 conversion so I would have more options in cams to use and I wouldn't have to worry about the AFM/VVT lifters, etc causing an issue some time in the future.

I know someone just recently had an issue with a VVT Mast Motorsports Cam setup on his supercharged L99.

I see if I can find the thread.

It was actually a broken value spring. Here's the thread. But I really like the stuff Mast Motorsports is putting out.
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