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Originally Posted by mikeSS View Post
team LS3?
Nope. It's like a butterfly. Yes, technicaly it's a larvea or whatever when it's in a cacoon, then it becomes a butterfly. BUT, it was always a butterfly. I'm still L99 becasue it was that way at birth.

(and we all know it's really about the tranny, lol)

Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I'm doing the LS3 converstion. I didn't want to limit my cam options so much and I am happy to put the better lifters in my car. It makes it easier all the way around. I believe the the tune is far more important anyway and I have a great tuner.
If I do the install myself, It'll be easier to not do the conversion. Plus, if I find the right cam in VVT, then the number of cam options won't matter. I can only pick one. Could be I need to find the cam and THEN make the decision?

Originally Posted by Milk 1027 View Post
VVT cam from MAST
But.... why?

Originally Posted by SGOS252382 View Post
This will be an interesting thread to watch. About 3 weeks ago I was trying to make this same decision. But I ended up deciding to wait and do a cam at a later date.

At first I was leaning towads a VVT cam setup (Mast Motorsports) or comparable setup.
But then I thought I had a lifter issue and the heads were going to have to come off and the lifters replaced. So at that point I figured I might as well do the LS3 conversion so I would have more options in cams to use and I wouldn't have to worry about the AFM/VVT lifters, etc causing an issue some time in the future.

I know someone just recently had an issue with a VVT Mast Motorsports Cam setup on his supercharged L99.

I see if I can find the thread.
Yes please. Find the thread.

More options in cams is good, but if my choice were found in a VVT cam anyway, then it woldn't matter. But I haven't really looked yet.

It's the specs that I don;t have a clue what means.

I'm basically mailing down the VVT or Conversion decision before going any further. Could be that I need to approach it from the other end.

I just want to get opinions and info first.
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