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1. I think you mean AFM - Active Fuel Management, and yes you can shut that off - Basically a tune is what you want it to be, completely change the dynamics of the car with programming - software only - from the sparks to the transmission, shift points etc. It is really down to you preference and if you have or want any aftermarket mods.
2. As for HP - no not a major impact without any other supporting mods - CAI, headers, catback etc.
3. Yes - all programming
4. Not sure what you mean, but there is a 'range' device that plugs into the ODB to disable AFM, or you can get a tuner like the SCT, and a custom tune - talk to TORQ in Mirimar, Janetty etc, quite a few chaps around
One word of caution - if you value the warranty don't tune. My warranty is long gone!
IMHO - i wouldn't tune unless you were adding aftermarket parts like cat backs, CAI etc, you will not see any real gains,
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