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The Official Pfadt Camaro5 Fest car show/burn out competition thread!

Hey everyone, we are super excited to be attending the 1st annual Camaro5 Fest this year! We are the official sponsors of, and will be responsible for the the Camaro5 Fest Car Show!


Just an overview of reasons to come and see Pfadt@C5F

Get entered into the Camaro5 Fest Car Show
Come meet our crew
Take a look at all of our products we are offering for your Camaro!
Test drive our suspension components on our Pfadt Camaro
Meet our dealers
Buy some cool shirts/swag!
Bribe us to choose your car for best in show (see below)


Pfadt dealers who will be attending in our corporate exhibit:

Torq - 2 cars
IPS - 1 car
Cincy Speed - 1 Car
Carriage House - 1 Car
Next Level - 2 Cars

And of course the Pfadt Race Engineering development car!

In addition to the corporate display, there are two other great companies we have a close relationship with that will be in attendance: East Coast Supercharging (with a Dyno on hand!), and Corvettes of Westchester !

Car Show:

So here are some details on the Official Camaro5 Fest Car Show!

New Guest Judge: TRIBONE
As an incredibly active member of our beloved Camaro5 Forums, Guillermo will be bringing an unbiased opinion to the Car Show judging. We don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to enter and win!

Because this is the inaugural event, we are hesitant to bite off more than we can chew. We want to pack as much into this event as possible, so as of right now, here are the tentative categories:

1) Showroom stock (obvious)
2) Street modified (bolt ons)
3) Max modified (probably be more obvious when we see it, but I'd assume there will be a handful of race cars there, from shops etc.)
4) Random one-off categories:
-most rubber in wheel well
-best/cleanest engine bay
-best components you cant see
-best unique home-made modification (fabricated component or whatever)

These categories are vaguely defined at the moment. But we will clarify in the near future, and certainly at the event.

Entry for this Car Show, will be done via a Pfadt Form, given our at our booth. Right now we are intending to have everyone enter one main category, and as many random categories as possible!


Tentative Prizes at the moment will be as follows (subject to change):

1)Pfadt Cash! $100 for each main category (category 1-3), and $50 for each 'fun' category.
2)Pfadt Swag! T-shirt for each winner and maybe 1st runner up. There will be more swag available.

Products for Purchase:

We are going to be bringing a TON of product for sale. As of right now, here is the current list. This is also subject to change!

1) Strut tower braces
2) Rear balance bars
3) Camber plates
4) Rear Trailing Arm
5) Diff Mount Bushings (both durometers)
6. Drop Springs
7. Sport Sway Bars
8. Engine Mounts
9. Solid Subframe Moutns
10. Toe link stiffeners (possibly pre-assembled toe links, with stiffener welded in, and upgraded bushings)

Also, we would like to have an Official Pfadt Burnt-out competition! We cant really guarantee this though, due to all that is scheduled for the weekend. So, we will have to play this by ear. It may just be impromptu.

This thread will be updated as we have more info. This is just meant to be an introduction to get your guys' opinons and thoughts on how to make sure everyone has a great time! We are really looking forward to it!

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