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Originally Posted by trm0002 View Post
If your dealer has 12 cars total, all Chevy has said is they expect to have filled all the pre-orders by October. My guess is that is a SAFE estimate and that all will be filled by August/September. IMO, March and April don't exist for all intents and purposes because of the "each dealer gets a V6" initial run unless, as I said, you're at one of the "big boys" who are getting 40, 50, and in some cases, 60+ cars. I think they'll start to see theirs in the April run and it'll go from there. I happen to be 1st in line at the 2nd largest with 63 allotted but I'm thinking of jumping ship because I found another dealer who is willing to accept supplier discount. It will most likely push my delivery out a month or two since their allocation is only 31 but $1500 is $1500...
So your supplier discount would be $1500? I would assume if you are thinking about jumping ship you can get your deposit back from your current dealer. My dealer most likely won't take the supplier discount since I have no previous written agreement for them to do so, however I have a GM card with $1400 worth of discount points. They told me they would gladly accept the GM card since it does not affect their bottom line in any way.
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