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^^^ Very True

Originally Posted by camarolt76 View Post
Concerning the $1000 cap, GM currently puts that cap on the Corvette, Solstice, and Sky. There may also be others which I am not aware of. If GM allows the GM card to be used on the Camaro (and I expect them to) I would say they would cap it at $1000 also. I would be ok with that because $1000 takes care of my sunroof option, and gives me $100 to boot.
^^^ There is a cap on EVERY vehicle - it's just that some are larger than others. I'm not positive, but I think the minimum I've seem (here in Canada) is $1000 and the maximum I've see (again, in Canada) is $2500. I'm guessing the 'Maro will be $1000 - $1500. Should go nicely with my other $2200 discount.

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