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v6 vehicles

Originally Posted by The_Blur View Post
V8 drivers pride themselves on being the top trim. Because the glory seems to go with that V8, I felt that the V6 guys should have a thread to tell stories and share their V6 pride.

The V6 has always been the base trim of a muscle car. There's an enormous difference between a 4-banger and a V6 that comes at the expense of some extra weight and maybe being beaten by a few turbocharged Cobalts. The V6 gets the design elements of a V8, usually accompanied with the same awe-stricken looks given to drivers of the V8.

Some people have recently pointed out that they feel like rockstars in their Camaros. Most of us have neglected to ask whether they drive manual V8s, the traditional car of choice. Traditions might be on their way out with some regulations that make life hard for high-displacement motors.

For this reason, the V6 has become a refuge for enthusiasts who want real muscular performance without a foreign logo on the hood. It is hard to conceal a bias for the American muscle car when it comes to RWD sport coupes. The truth is that the most exotic Italian sports car with all attached packages have trouble competing with the aura of a late-1960s Chevrolet.

That aura is back. It is not a V8 under the hood that made those classic cars classic. It's the aura. It's those packages that make them unique. It's that historic GM V6 that has always been overlooked.

Overall, I just want you to have fun with those LLT beasts. They're fast and dangerous. Don't let someone with two more cylinders tell you they aren't worth making faster.

ok guys you will throw me off this site... here is my question about v6 cars... i am planning on buy a 2011 vehicle.... right now i have a 06 v6 m5 mustang and i have put a vortech supercharger with a air to water intercooler. i have also add all kind of gt take parts from the aftermarket that where cheap to buy. i now have a 335hp/320 tq monster for less dollars then a gt mustang. and it is a sleeper with no outer give aways ... i was hoping to do the same with 2lt/rs/m6..... i think that dollar for dollars that the v6 vehicles are just a better buy!!!! have u guys seem a market place to buy take off parts????
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