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Originally Posted by Happy_Dan View Post
There are different kinds of shows. I have had my car (my 99 SS) in a classic car show and was very disappointed because it got very little to no attention even though it was near perfect. I finally realized that I should just go to any show to enjoy the people and the cars and not ever worry about the trophies! Many vote for their own club members, others don't really know what they are looking at etc. I even know a judge of first gens and have witnessed disagreements among judges at a point show.

I love the Camaro family in particular. I have made friends all over the US and Canada as a result of the shows I have attended. I no longer care about getting a trophy. I am happy to support the charities that most of them contribute to and love to meet up with friends.

Having said that, anyone that has a show should have classes and if it's classic cars, then they should make it clear to the newer car owners so the expectations are set correctly.

Frankly, I see too much ego in many of these organizations and shows to get too involved myself. I just enjoy the people that I get to meet and hang out with. I think some of the best gatherings are when folks like those here, meet and have a mod day or something like that. Beats sitting in a chair all day and cleaning your car hoping to get a trophy.

This is of course, just my humble opinion from years of these shows and clubs. Pretty much the only reason I am going to the Bud show is the people from here that are going and some friends from the East Coast Camaro club. Same with the ECCC show in Hudson. If not for Ken Howe, Mike Sullivan and people here that attend, I wouldn't go. But now I digress....

Peace out.

Spoken like a true camaroholic i'm with you Dan, go to enjoy the show and the people. The Bud show is just alot of fun location and setup wise it's one of the better organized ones. One of the reasons i like RICOA is how it's judged there's no real CLUB mentality in the way it's done just spectators and fellow chevy owners involved.

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