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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post

Well, I got the first one...I don't know how (cropped and all). And now I can't seem to dupe it w/out copying and pasting my entire screen. This is driving me nuts. Here's the pic of the TA.

That's the best I could do. I hope you all can read it.
Yup, can read it just fine....

To be honest... I kind of like it! The hatchback actually looks pretty sweet. I think the T/A and Chevy could co-exist if they were to look that different from one another.... I bet with that T/A t-tops would work!

EDIT: However, i really have to doubt the validity of their journalism. It says that the Camaro is likely to cost thousands more than a mustang. They also said the base will have a 3.6L and the SS a 6.0L. What is that nonsense about the IROC name coming back? I thought they dropped that becasue they were having to pay way too much to IROC per each car sold with that acronym....
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