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Originally Posted by tjd24 View Post
Curious on the install/wiring - is it plug & play or do you need to tap into the wiring? Is it on when the tail lights are off ? One intensity or will it glow brighter on braking ?
The idea is that these are your running lights and when you depress the brake the center lights up fully. There is a module that we use in many applications called a "dual intensity circuit" that will allow the rings to be dim as running lights and bright as brake lights. We will decide if we can use this during testing.

As for the PNP question, yes it is always our goal to make these things PNP but we may need to include taps if there is no way to plug into the factory wiring. Again, we will know once we dive into this project deeper.

Originally Posted by Xanthos View Post
I'd totally buy this. Especially if there was a way to wire them in as the running lights... that way the center didn't light up at all while it was dark out.

- X
See above.

Originally Posted by daphatgrant View Post
Looks awesome! What would $200 cover All 4 lights?
That is our plan

Originally Posted by rforbes View Post
I have given you enough of my money buy now, so sure, why not.
Thats the right attitude
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