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Very strange, but appreciate the write up. I have had a couple of misfire-like events, but spread out over a 2 - 3 month period so not very consistent. (Keep in mind, my car isn't driven very much either...hardly at all in the winter months) When it happened I was cruising down the highway at normal rpms at about 70mph. Seemed like the engine was choking. It was either a misfire, or my transmission converter was acting up, as I have read this can act the same way. I really don't yet know what caused it. There were no codes to be found in the car's memory.

Unless I'm just dreaming, it seems like my car does not have the "oomph" behind it that it had in the past. Yesterday I pulled the battery for an hour. Haven't driven it yet though.

I want to take a look at the plugs...but haven't done that yet either.

I am also running a VR intake and catch can. I may pull the MAF and have a look.
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