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Originally Posted by 10camaross View Post
so whats next?
Well....after doing quite a bit of research on lighting, I discovered it's nowhere near as standardized as you'd think it would be. There's apparently quite a range of differences in quality and performance not only between manufacturers, but sometimes from bulb to bulb from the same manufacturer.

It seems like with many things, you get what you pay for. The first pair of bulbs I'd bought I got from ebay and were supposed to be 5000k temp bulbs, which (I thought) were a bargain at $40 a pair. Especially since I'd checked around and some places wanted upwards to $300 for a single bulb. As I'd reported previously I thought they looked nice but the dropoff in light compared to stock was quite noticeable and not satisfactory. The bulbs came from China and didn't have any markings on them at all. I'm now convinced they were either 6000k bulbs, or maybe even 8000k bulbs.

From hours of research it seems the Chinese make almost all light bulbs now, but they are very inconsistent in quality. The best brands appear to be GE and Philips. The Japanese and German technology, especially the OE bulbs have the best and most reliable performance and consistency from bulb to bulb.

I've since ordered (and received) another pair of Japanese bulbs which cost $150 and I made note that these came with full markings on them. They are 5100k temp bulbs. I installed the passenger's side bulb and couldn't believe the difference. Compared to the cheap Chinese bulb, the Japanese bulb put out almost twice the light and had a wide, consistent beam of beautiful white light. The light coming from the driver's side from the cheap Chinese bulb was seriously blue by comparison; about half the brightness and the beam pattern on the wall was uneven and nowhere near the quality of the Japanese bulb. I replaced the driver's side bulb and now it's gorgeous; the perfect look and color. I don't think I'll need to look into a 55w solution; these new bulbs put out plenty of light.

So the lesson learned here is stick with a quality brand even though they may be more expensive. I got MTEC bulbs, but most of what I read had very high praise for Philips too.

As for what's next, I'm on the edge of getting the driveshaft (I hope; need to ask if it's shipped yet) followed by headers and Pfadt engine mounts. I've got some additional Pedder's bushings sitting here that need to be installed, and MTI plug wires for when the headers get done. Then it's paint.

It's going to be tight but I believe I can get everything done in time for C5fest 2 in April, providing the vendors I'm waiting on don't delay anymore.

Blue Angel is here!!

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