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Originally Posted by jrpxxii View Post
Doc, I also dont like the stock color of the HID as I really want a whiter light as well. Could you give us more specifics as to exactly what I need to look for to order the same bulbs you got, specifically where you got them and what numbers I need to order to make sure they are the correct bulbs. Thanks.
The bulbs I wound up with were 5100k color temperature 35w D1S bulbs from MTEC which is a Japanese company. I got a pair for $150 from Ebay. 5100k is the temp of the bulbs they put in high-end European cars and some of the upscale cars here like Cadillacs. It has a color like arc-light white which is exactly what I was looking for. Philips doesn't make a 5k bulb; theirs go from 4300k which is OE spec to 6000k which is too blue for my tastes. The MTEC bulbs are just the color I was looking for.

Originally Posted by adub4185 View Post
Hey Doc. Awesome journal! I love your emphasis on efficiency and weight reduction with your car. I will definitely be incorporating some of your mods into my car.

As far as the driveshaft is concerned, were you a little disappointed with the weight reduction? I know 3 pounds shed of rotational mass is a huge benefit, but I would have expected more, especially with DSS advertising the CF shaft weighing 15.5 lbs on their website. Where do you think the added weight came from? I'm assuming that the claimed website weight is without a lot of the hardware.

Anyway, keep up the good work!
Well considering how much more substantial the joints are; they clearly look like they can handle power compared to the stock joints which actually have a hard rubber donut instead of the forged aluminum DSS uses, I think the fact it's still lighter is a bonus. Obviously I would have liked it to be even lighter but it's rather surprising the factory one is so light to begin with. The guy doing the install was surprised at how light it was. He said the stock driveshaft on Mustangs is about 40 lbs so they see a huge benefit from driveshaft upgrades.

The reason why Frank advertises their cf shaft at 15.5 lbs is their competitors advertise theirs without the endjoints as though you were going to just replace the shaft and use the stock joints which I can't imagine anyone wanting to do but it allows them to publish the lowest weight number that way. The DSS shaft shipped with everything on it including all the bolts and hardware and that's how I weighed it; exactly as it came out of the box. When we pulled the stock shaft I put the bolts in the joints and weighed it exactly the same way the DSS shaft was so the comparison would be accurate and fair.

To the designer's at Chevy's credit they did a pretty good job on the weight of the driveshaft but at the expense of some efficiency. It's adequate for the stock power but if you increase power you'll definitely want to look into beefing up the driveshaft and in particular, the joints. The DSS shaft does both very very well.

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