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Originally Posted by lt4camaro View Post
Say what you want about the dash, I wish Camaro's had such a huge easy to see graph style tach that high in cluster.
Mine is right up on the windshield where I can see the road and the HUD at the same time.
The old time drag racers turned their round gauges so that a good reading was at the 12 O'clock position. That was easiest to read at a glance. Temp, oil pressure, volts RPM all good.
I think the port injection is a nod to old school method to help with the problem of carbon building up on the back of the valves. The detergent in good gas helps keep that clean, IF there is gas squirted on it e.g. with port injection. If the gas is only in the combustion chamber with direct injection, not so much.
That's kept me from buying a direct injection gas engine so I'm happy for this small step backwards DI PI combo to make it better.
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