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As awesome and tempting as this car is (and it is) I think one can make a strong case for going with a SS and modifying it over this car. Though to do so you need to have some cash laying around and be ok with voiding the warranty.

Though I have been thinking about getting this or getting a 1SS or even 2SS and modifying it to make it lighter and more powerful. From what I have read this car is 4,200 pounds with 580BHP gives it a power to weight ratio of 7.2 pounds per horsepower. A really good power to weight ratio though if you had a 3,600 pound car you will only need 500BHP which you can pull off from the LS3 engine NA. Katech I think has a package for $5,000 which is rated at 530BHP and 470ft-lbs of torque. If you can do that to a SS LS3 car and figure out how to drop 250 pounds from the car then I think you would have a real winner.

Or you can just buy a ZL1 and call it a day IDK.
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