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Well I don't have much of a story to tell. I've had a love for cars since I was little. My first car was a '69 Pontiac Grand Prix with a 455ci. As I got older my wife and I bought a new '94 Camaro which we had for a few years then moved on as we had kids. Once we had all our kids (4 boys!!) I got us an Older ('87) Corvette which we had fun with. Then I bought a '72 Chevelle which was a show car and was completely redone from the ground up and was absolutely beautiful! We only drove it to shows and on our date nights. My boys loved that car as much as I did. You could see their little grins in the back seat of that car from a mile away as we drove around in it. Then we bought a second show car which was a '64 Mercury. What a fun car that was too and every time we drove around it was like traveling back in time. We sold them off a few years ago and have had an empty garage (so to speak except for our two motorcycles) since then. Every time we'd go to a car show and sometimes see our old Chevelle there my boys would give me a hard time and I realized how much I miss having a fun car around.

So over the last year or so my wife and I have talked about getting something new but it had to be in the muscle car class (which for me meant a Corvette, Mustang or Camaro). I like nice things, I just don't like to pay the big prices for I generally buy used. I pamper the things I have (sometimes a little too The Chevelle I owned was kept so clean and always covered that I only washed it three times the entire time I owned it. And it generally only got about 500-800 miles a year on it. So out of the three choices we narrowed it down to the CAMARO which had always been one of my personal favorites going all the way back to the earliest models.

So the searching began. We don't have much money and everything I buy I get on some kind of a good deal on. My wife always refers to the deals as the "diamonds in the rough" type deals. Not meaning they are beat up or anything because I am pretty picky, just that whatever I buy will be a good deal for what I'm buying. My kids all know and say "what ever dad buys will be a sweet car." So I look forward to pampering this Camaro too. However this one will likely get used more than the Chevelle did and we're excited to begin enjoying it as the weather gets better.

Anyway our search began in the Classified section on KSL (in Utah). There were several listed that seemed to be a fair deal. I wanted the lowest miles possible and was able to narrow down the search to a few with 6500-11000 miles on them. There were a few things I HAD TO HAVE. It had to be an SS with leather and preferably black, silver or white with stripes. My wife prefered two tone interior and auto (we argued about that one a few After researching the options on the new Camaros I narrowed my search down to a 2SS/RS. We found our diamond in the rough at a Volkswagon dealership of all But it didn't matter to me, I just wanted it. It was a 2010 2SS/RS auto, Black with Inferno Orange stripes and Black and Inferno Orange leather interior with 11k miles. I got it out the door for $27,900.

As you all know the car feels amazing on the road. The interior makes my wife's face light up every time she gets in. What a great car!!

So far I've got a list of things that are done. K&N CAI, Factory Catback Exhaust, Tinted windows, color matching bowties, Fender SS emblems, "6.2 SS" hood emblems, Red LED dome light, Blacked out marker LED's.

Eventually I hope to get Borla Atak exhaust, lowering springs, dual color halos and fogs and maybe some rims.

Being that this is a family adventure and my own passion I let my kids help make it personal to them as well by letting them come up with some ideas. From the moment we found the car my oldest called it a "blackwidow" cause of the color scheme. So the name has stuck and now it's officially named the "BLACKWIDOW". That name has led us down many conversational roads where my kids have come up with some fun ideas.

They have decided that our car should be a Transformer character named BLACKWIDOW. In short they think "he" is part good and bad and is a part of both Autobots and Decepticons. Our talks have been funny...they say he had an Autobot mother and a Decepticon father making him a new breed called an "Auto-Con". I know I know...funny but like I said I have four boys who can imagine work with me here. So now my adventure is taking another direction where I'm going to add some minor things to the Camaro for them. We're getting personalized plates soon and I have a vinyl company that is going to help us make some blackwidow themed decals (nothing too crazy). Whatever I can do to make some fun memories for my boys and keep them interested so that someday they'll do it too is good with me.

So now I'll try to begin with some pics and add them as we move along in this adventure. Keep in mind I'm not doing a big build like some of these other guys but it will be a fun one with my boys none the less.

PS: Sorry in advance for the poor pic quality...
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SSweeeeet RIDE!!!!
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