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Originally Posted by MisterCamaro69 View Post
Is it later today yet?

Brandi's big brother is my new 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with a Hemi in it...

We went shopping for a beater run around truck that would save some wear and tear on Brandi... and the further we shopped the more picky we got... Then the thought of a tow vehicle came about, and my wife saw this truck really liked it... as did I....

We didn't test drive it but asked for a rock bottom price and Chris, this little elderly sales lady invited us in to talk... The sales manager came in and had some numbers but we hadn't test drove it yet, so he requested that we do so so we would know what we were hearing... >> test drive>> back in the office... and a different dude, one I actually like came in and like the first guy had promised... he blew our socks off with the offer... No trade in, no BS, we bought the truck... I'm thrilled with it... and no, there will not be any mods done to this truck... It will retain it's full warranty... Now I need to find a trailer to put Brandi on and to pull with the truck...
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